Alle reden über Trauer 2017

Sunflowers and dahlias (Gedicht)

In diesem Gedicht betrauert Sigrid Schmitz eine Trennung: 

You’re cutting sunflowers on a field of flowers
on which I’m standing too –
but far away.

I’m watering dahlias looking
to you. You’re looking
back and even throwing

one flower full of sun to me,
falling on my watered

Softly taking it,
smilingly embracing.
You’re smiling –

but our eyes
don’t meet.

You’re cutting sunflowers.

I’m watering dahlias.

Turning around I see wild flowers waving me to come
along a path into my golden land, still deeply sleeping still.

Still watering the dahlias, feeling your eyes
warming my back. Feeling you’re standing still behind.

But we are no more
standing side by side.

Turning around to you –
you’re gone and with you many flowers, full of sun.

Start weeping seeing that last sunny flower lying lonely in my watered soil.



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